"There is nothing in this world truly big enough to truly hold you down!"

Art for me is food for the soul. It encompasses my whole being, saturates the soul. Art inspires, illuminates, encourages, surprises, excites, provokes, calms, elevates emotionally as well as spiritually, and connects soul to soul. On seeing my art, if the viewer experiences even one of these emotions, then we connect soul to soul.

As an artist, the process of creating the artwork is important to me but I refuse to accept the limitations imposed by rules. I want to work in all styles, mediums and delve through many subjects and then draw conclusions at my own pace. I started to “paint” with the ballpoint pen. I have found that the simple ball pen with its fine line has a huge potential in allowing the artist to express his or her thoughts and emotions. Unlike painting with a brush, where a single stroke can cover a large area with color, pen lines are very thin and there is a sense of creation at every stroke. It is very challenging to create innumerable tones by combining the limited available colors in ballpoint pens. I need to draw thousands of lines to make my painting come alive! I also work in other mediums like Acrylics, especially for large-size work.

My subject matter deals with landscapes, portraits, abstracts as well as stylizations. Light plays a very important role in creating the required drama to draw the viewer into my world. It could be a rustic village home or then dancing crops against a dramatic skyline. Towering boulders take my breath away. I paint with the motive that I finally achieve the result I initially have in my mind. The simple subject matter, good composition, boldness of forms, delicate linework, and a little dramatization play a key role in the impact, my art has on the viewer.

In 1979 I passed out with a G.D.Art in Applied Arts from Abhinav Kala Vidyalay, Pune, India. For about 27 years I worked in the field of Communication Design and applied my creative talent in rendering a variety of artworks for a number of clients which included Graphic design in all its variety.

After years of designing for varied people, I came to the conclusion that I needed an outlet that would help me realize my creative potential in a more satisfying way. Art for me like for many other people became the most meaningful part of life and a source of much fun and relaxation. I hope that my paintings serve as a channel of expression and help the viewer understand my inner conflicts, fears, and tensions as well as my aspirations, hopes, and ideals.